Facebook Stories Flourishes As Snapchat Loses Out

facebook story ads messenger

Snapchat is dealt yet another blog, this time by Facebook and it’s ‘Messenger’ platform.

Facebook announced on Wednesday that it’s Facebook and Messenger platforms have reached over 300m daily active users.

Snapchat’s last reported statistics were 188m daily active users, reported in August.

Facebook also announced yesterday that they plan to roll out stories ads, much like the capabilities on Instagram.

Facebook explains, ‘Now you can include Facebook Stories as an additional placement to News Feed or Instagram Stories ad campaigns, delivering your message in a fullscreen, immersive environment. And soon, you’ll be able to extend the reach and improve the performance of your stories ad campaigns in Messenger too.’

The company said it isn’t concerned about its own apps competing for Stories users and in the statistics a user counts as one person, meaning they would not be counted twice across both apps. Facebook did not share the breakdown between each app.

A person’s Facebook Story is automatically posted on Messenger. Users also can opt into sharing their Instagram Story on Facebook.


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