Digital Content Portfolio

by Adam Walmsley


‘Evo Aqua’ Photography 

TEC2311 Aqua Snow Instagram copy

The above photography was used to market a new premium waterproof phone case.
The first photo was posted on social media as reactive content for Friday the 13th.
The second photo was created for use across the website, email, marketing and social media to promote the case over the winter months.

Lifestyle photography

TECF190_Thanksgiving_Twitter copy

The photo above was created for social media for Thanksgiving in the USA.

Product Photography

Twitter 1024x512px TACTICAL copy

The above image is a photograph which has been edited. This was to promote a new design and was used on the website and on social media.


The short video above was to promote a rugged and durable case over the period of the Burning Man Festival in the USA.

The short film above was in partnership with a videographer, produced to promote the Evo Aqua waterproof case. This was edited from a longer film for use on social media.

Social Resizing Aqua1 Facebook copyThis is a high-quality screenshot taken from the short film, cropped and edited for use on social media.

This short video was created for social media for London Fashion Week, and to promote a new fashion-led product.

The “Boomerang” clip above was to post on social media to promote a new design for Chinese New Year.

This second Boomerang was taken from a promotional video for one of our iPad products. This short clip was used on social media.

These two short videos were produced for social media to post over the Christmas period.

Influencer Content

Over the last few major campaigns, we have utilised social media influencers to raise brand awareness and drive video views and engagement. This content was posted on both the influencers channels and the Tech21 channels.

Product Demo Videos

The two videos below were used on our social media channels. This authentic content resonated with the audience well.


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