8 Ways To Boost Instagram Engagement

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Engagement on Instagram is higher than ever, with an increased number of monthly active users from tens of millions to 800 million, with 500 million daily activities¹. This has continued to grow from 700m and 400m respectively, as reported earlier in the year.

So how can you tap into all this engagement?

  1. Have a complete profileThis is essential as unique users will rarely visit your profile page more than once, and the first impression is everything to get that follow.This includes having a full page of content, a short description in the bio, and your website link for them to click-through.
  2. Follow competitors and similar accountsInstagram’s discovery features allow your profile to be found by people who follow similar pages, which means if you follow these pages they may stumble across your profile.
  3. Use relevant hashtagsUsing hashtags on Instagram Hashtags are the most important and powerful discovery tool used on Instagram, but most importantly is how you use them. Hashtags that you use must be relevant, otherwise it can seem spammy. Using the right hashtags, you can find relevant conversations and expand your reach in your industry.You should also use unique hashtag for your business. You can then cross-refer it to your social media profiles. Remember to use this hashtag in your posts and be creative with your other hashtags, as well as using general hashtags.

    It is worth also noting that you can add up to a maximum of 30 hashtags to a single post, so use them wisely!

  4. Create high-quality contentHQ ContentInstagram is purpose built for high-quality content, and in the age we live in with smart phones and inexpensive cameras, there is no excuse for not posting high-quality content.When it comes to content generation, as well as following competitors and similar profiles for discovery perks, you should also check out their content to see what works and engages their audience to take inspiration from.Do not rush your content.  Quality content > quantity of content.
  5. Post regularlyEnsure you have a content strategy and a content calendar to avoid extended periods between posts.For brands it is important to always have a presence on their followers feed and provide constant reminders of their products/services. 5-7 posts per week should suffice. Any more than this is too many and you will start to annoy your followers- ultimately over-posting will result in unfollows.

    And, of course remember- quality content > quantity of content.

  6. Engage with your followersInstagram engagement It’s not only a sound content strategy and quality content which drives engagement.Engagement is a two-way stream- when users are engaging with your content reply, respond and react to build further engagement.
  7. Start conversationsFollowing on from engaging with your followers, it is crucial to start conversations with users who may not already be aware of you.Following similar pages and certain hashtags are great ways of finding relevant conversations to be a part of.

    Reaching out to other users who may be able to add value to you and your brand is also an effective way of building relationships and trust amongst users on the platform.

  8. Cross-promote your contentAs well as using your unique brand hashtags across all of your platforms to build your identity on social media, you can also cross-promote your content on other platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. This will drive traffic, and in turn more engagement, to your profile.Not all platforms will be great for this depending on how they display your Instagram posts, so be sure to test what works and what doesn’t work for your content. For example, Facebook is a great platform to share your Instagram posts on as they are well integrated and both great platforms for image and video posts. Sharing your Instagram post on Twitter however will only share the text and link to the post, rather than sharing the image itself.

Thanks for reading. While you’re here check out Instagram’s Story feature, and learn how you can engage your audience further on the platform!



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