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social media blog optimizationBy Tamara Tanney, @itstamaragt

Whether you are a veteran blogger or new on the scene, there is no question that social media plays a huge role in the growth and influence of your blog. Done are the days where traditional marketing is the only way to maximize our reach. The new wave of social media marketing allows blogs, business owners, brands, and individuals share their message and knowledge with a plethora of users from around the world. For those heavily committed to blogging, this also helps them rake in some money!

There are a multitude of social media platforms nowadays. It seems like every week, there is a new platform being spoken about; it can be quite hard to keep up. While there are an abundance of social platforms, there is a select few that really drive traffic and allow bloggers to spread their message on a much larger scale; each with their own unique ways of doing so.

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Twitter is by far my favourite social platform when it comes to engaging with like minded individuals. Hashtags, Twitter chats, and moments make it easy to connect with people who share similar interests. Whilst many people are not fond of the 140 character limit, I love it. It allows users to really state what they are focused on without rambling on and potentially losing readers/users. Due to the simplicity of networking, I have been fortunate enough to get my content out there on a large scale as well as collaborate with other influencers. If you are looking to push content, promote content, and interact with a plethora of users, Twitter sure is the place to go. And of course, we can’t forget paid ads (which I have utilized before). Paid ads are like icing on the cake when it comes to maximizing your reach!


Instagram is the fastest growing platform out there with 300 million active daily users and 500 million active monthly users. With so many users, there is so much room for growth! Instagram has so many great features, and just like Twitter, there are plenty of influencers and networking opportunities. The reason I love Instagram is because it allows me to show off my creative side. With a world driven towards captivating visuals, Instagram is the way to go. With the newest feature, Instagram stories, you can show your genuine self within the same platform simultaneously. This is a win in my book!


If your main goal it to rake in the dough, Snapchat might not be the best platform for you, however it doesn’t mean you should void it from your social strategy completely. While monetizing on Snapchat is not as easy as it is on the other platforms mentioned, it does add a nice touch to you and your brand. A lot of what I put online is informative content that is solely there to aid people in an educational manner. Although people love learning via content, they also want to ensure they can trust the source. Snapchat is essentially the OG Instagram stories. For me, it’s a more laid back platform where I can show my followers my genuine, trust-worthy side. It is also great for CTA’s, incentives, and sneak peaks!


I consider the Facebook the grandpa of the internet, but hey, grandparents are pretty darn cool if you ask me. While it is older platforms that a lot of younger generations don’t seem to utilize as much, it is one of the best for businesses and bloggers. For one, there is a ton of cross sharing involved meaning you can connect it with Twitter and Instagram to maximize your reach. You can also create groups and pages to share your connect, and invite others to share as well. Facebook is like the all-in-one social network. Another great aspect is the ad campaigns. As a social media manager, I’ve ran paid ads on all the platforms you can think of, and I have to say, Facebook has been the most successful. They are simple and allow for very detailed targeting. So although your younger cousins may laugh at you for being a Facebook addict, just remember how important it is for your brand.


Social media marketing is key for bloggers because, like I said previously, the world pretty much lives on the internet. Getting your name out there is essential if you truly want to stand out and amplify your content, and doing so is simple as long as you play the cards right on social media.


Tamara Tanney is a social media manager and videographer from Toronto. Her passions in life are social media and digital marketing. You can find her website, Marketing Millennial, here

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