Why Use A Social Media Management Tool?

Social Media Tool

Social media is a key component of marketing today, and should be included in every marketing plan. If not, you’re missing a trick!

But how can you streamline your social media activity to make it more efficient, and at the same time make your job a lot easier?

Cue social media management tools. Here’s 4 reasons why you need to be using one:

  1. Discover content

    I can quickly find proven viral content for your niche using a social media management tool/platform. How do I do this?

    I can search any keywords, phrases and hashtags to view the latest or most popular posts that match my search.

    Now, with the sheer amount of content on social media platforms, the possibilities of finding content are endless.

    Tip: tracking relevant keywords, phrases or hashtags over time will give you a great insight into what your audience want to see what different types of content gets the most engagement. 

  2. Easily upload content

    Creating content is always the most time consuming part of any social media strategy. Finding content that has worked for others (see previous point) can certainly help in making it easier and quicker but it would be nice if a social media management tool could do more to save me time.

    Using a social media management tool I can mass upload photos/videos from my hard drive, and import CSV files. For example, if I had a folder of photos I took with my camera, I can upload them all in one go. Then I’m half way done creating each post (since I have a photo, now I just need some text/links). This saves effort, but most importantly time. This is something I call a “mini gain”.

    Tip: not all social media tools have this handy feature, keep reading to find out which does.

    Saving time

  3. Use Post Templates

    So, I can now quickly and easily find, and post my cool new content. But now every time I post I have to write the same hashtags at the end of the posts over and over. Wrong! It seems those very same photos that I mass uploaded can have some text automatically written for them! I just need to setup whats called a “Post Template”. With a Post Template, I can have some default text/links/hashtags provided for each photo. This is a huge time saver itself, another mini gain!

    Tip: you should always use a unique hashtag throughout campaigns, and encourage your audience to join in the conversation using the hashtag. This works particularly well if you activate influencers to use the hashtag.

  4. Schedule content

    Finally, scheduling… this part is the most important to me because it’s so simple and quick. I can setup scheduled posts, for example 12pm, 3pm, 8pm – Mon, Wed & Fri, and it will automatically send my posts at those times. I don’t have to go in and tell the tool when I want each post to go up on my pages. Imagine, if I had hundreds of posts that I wanted to schedule this would save many hours alone!

There you have it, 4 undeniable reasons as to why you need a social media management tool in your life.

Confused as to which platform to use? Like what you’re reading? this post is based on the features of Postradamus, a social media management tool. You can find out more in the link below. 

A tool that helps you find and post viral content to your social media pages.
With Postradamus you can quickly find proven viral content (others have already created and tested) in your niche in a matter of seconds / or create your own content that is easily uploaded to Postradamus via CSV, RSS or chrome extension.
Then, with just a couple of clicks, tell Postradamus when you want all of your content to be scheduled and published to various social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (just to name a few). It’s really that simple.


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