Social Media Content- What Works and How to Grow Organically

social media contentWhen it comes to the internet it can be a scary and confusing place, and there is a lot of nonsensical content out there. Finding good content can sometimes be like trying to find a needle in a haystack, or a four-leaf clover in a six-acre field…

“The quality of user-generated content varies drastically from excellent to abuse and spam”

So what makes content high-quality, what content works when trying to engage users and potential customers on social media, and how do you get it in front of as many eyes as possible without shelling out £££ for “sponsored posts”?

Getting your content bang on the money

So how do you know what is good content and what is bad content? Good content will stop the user scrolling through their news feed, it will keep the user on your page and ultimately drive engagement, and in turn sales.

1) Keep your messaging and branding consistent throughout all the content you publish
. It doesn’t matter what type of content you are pushing out to your audience whether it is a blog post, infographic or promotional video- there should always be underlying similarities, enforcing your (what should be) consistent branding. This could simply be your companies logo or tag line, or the messaging within the content itself. This not only looks and sounds professional but ensures the user will remember what he or she has just consumed, and there is a higher chance of the user returning to your page/profile for similar, awesome content.

2) Make sure the content is relevant! All your content needs to be relevant to your company as after all, you are representing your company and posting it from your channels for the whole world to see. Sending inconsistent messages and mixing up the theme of your posts drastically could cause confusion for the user about what the company/organisation is about, and confusion often leads to the user disengaging. In an online world of endless news feeds and timelines, no one hangs around long so you need to grab them, and keep them.

3) Keep your content original. Nowadays it seems as if nothing is original any more on the internet- everything has been done, and everything has been regurgitated. And with the pure amount of content out there it is easy to be lazy and make someone else’s content your own. But this is shooting yourself in the foot, especially on social media where everyone can see everything. If you as a user sees something once you are not going to take notice when you see it a second time, and this is exactly what happens. Do not take this point as me saying do not share other peoples content because I’m not, this can be effective in attracting users and distributes quality content for more people to see… as long as you credit the creator of such content.

4) Your content need to be engaging. “Engagement” is a word used a lot when talking about consumer marketing at the moment particularly in the digital space, and rightly so. Without engaging your target audience how will you create leads, and ultimately sales. “Engaging” could be a lot of things, but the outcome of engaging a user is what we need to focus on. Firstly you need to grab the attention of the user so that they stop on your content whilst scrolling through their feeds. Secondly you want to gain some sort of action from the user, whether its a simple like on Facebook or re-tweet on Twitter, or something more meaningful like them clicking on a link from the caption or sharing the post with others. A simple rule of social media is that if more users engage with your content, more people will see it!

Achieving the reach that your high-quality content deserves

There is no right or wrong but here are some tips to help you achieve maximum reach, without paying any money. If your posts are not receiving the level of engagement that you expect from all the top notch content you are pushing out remember that:

1) Social media platforms want as much content uploaded to their site as humanly possible. Always try and upload your content directly to the chosen platform and do not share the links from external sites if possible. For instance if you are uploading a picture on Instagram, rather than sharing the post straight to Facebook upload the picture from Facebook itself. This will boost the reach organically.

2) Social media platforms want to keep users on their site, not be taken to an external site. You will have noticed that social media sites and apps try their hardest to keep you from going to external sites whilst using their platforms e.g. video players built in, external sites opening within the apps… This is fully intentional, and any efforts to lead users off of the platform will achieve a lower reach.

3) Social media platforms want you to use all of their discovery features. These platforms want popular content to be discovered and engaged with, this is how posts go viral. Using built in features such as keyword tags, user tags and #hashtags will increase the reach of the post.

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